Juniper Networks Social On Demand User Guide

Welcome to Juniper Networks Social On Demand from Juniper Networks

This unique tool enables you to receive, free of charge, end-user social media content from Juniper Networks and to republish it easily via your own social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, and / or LinkedIn).

It's so simple to use...!

Your navigation bar gives you access to all of the options within Juniper Networks Social On Demand.

First, you need to set-up your social media accounts. Click on Accounts in the navigation bar.

Once on this page you need to click on the icon of the social media account you would like to add, and a pop-up window will appear and you will be asked to login to that social network and authorise us to post to this social network.

It is important to note that you will need to add at least one social media account to be able to view the content provided by Juniper Networks.

Once you have added your account you can edit the settings and preferences by clicking edit button. Here you can opt for your preferred language (from the dropdown) and decide how you would like share content through the tool.


For each "Topic" (ie the type of content the post relates to), you will need to choose between "Ignore", "Edit/Share Manually" (which will give you the option to edit the posts when you receive them) or "Share Automatically" (which means posts will be sent directly to your chosen social media account(s) as soon as they are published by Juniper Networks). However, "Automatic" posting is not available on Facebook.


You will also need to select which ‘Audiences’ you would like to post. Each post is targeted to a specific group of end-users, and therefore you can choose which ‘stream’ you are interested in and would like to receive posts for.

Finally, once your social media accounts have been added and your options have been selected, you need to select when you would like to be notified of new posts. Your choice is between ‘As soon as they are available’, ‘Daily’ and ‘Weekly’. We will then send you emails either as soon as content new is available or as a Daily or Weekly digest.

If your account language is not English, we will give you the option to receive English posts too (just in case you want to translate them yourself).

Click Save and you are done!

Don't forget:

  • You can add as many Social Media Accounts as you like.
  • (TIP) It is a good idea to name each account carefully so you can keep track easily.
  • You can Edit these preferences at any time or Remove accounts at any time.

What happens next?

You will receive an email with all new posts that you selected to receive (the ones you wanted) as and when you chose (Immediately, Daily or Weekly).

You will also find a list of the ‘Non-Matching’ posts (the ones you did not initially want) which you may or may not be interested in posting.

On the "Posts from Juniper Networks Social On Demand" page you can view all available content applicable to you. Here you can also see a preview of the content for the different social networks by clicking the social media icons above the message.

You can search through content by using the search bar at the top of the page, for a more detailed search you can click the filtering icon, allowing you to search for posts available to specific Topics or social networks.

If you like any of the posts and would like to share them on your social media account(s), simply click on Share Now (no editing), select the networks you would like to share to, then click Share All Now.

This will take you back to Juniper Networks Social On Demand (you will need to login) and you will be able to edit the post in the text box, assign it to other social media accounts and Share.

That’s it...

The posting will happen system-to-system automatically (i.e. you will not need to login to your own Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts).


Clicking the “My Results” page will detail the social media accounts you currently have added to Juniper Networks Social On Demand, the posts you have shared to these accounts and the download/clicks and retweets/likes activity that has occurred on these messages.

The Latest Posts dashboard shows you this activity for the last 10 posts, but you can download this information for all posts you have shared by clicking the Excel icon.

Generate New Business Opportunities via Social Media

Social Leads lets you capture information from your social media connections…with little effort! Once one of your contacts has read the post you published via Juniper Networks Social On Demand and clicked on the link, a pop-up box will appear (on the page or document prompting them to complete a quick ‘request a call/email from you’ form. This captures their information which is then emailed to you. Simple!

General Settings

By default you’re set up to receive these leads – the email address and company name provided on your registration form will be used. However, you can edit these at any time by navigating to the Social Leads section and clicking “Edit your settings”.

  • You can choose to update your details, allow Juniper Networks Social On Demand to handle your leads (by un-ticking the ‘Handle leads’ box), or exclude your accounts from Social Leads altogether (by un-ticking the ‘Active’ box).
  • However, by default your accounts are set to receive Social Leads and these leads will be emailed directly to you.

You can also decide where the lead forms need to be sent to. This can be audience-dependent.


By clicking the ‘Edit pop-up style’, you will be able to edit the colour, style and position of the pop-up lead box so you can re-colour the lead box to suit you and your business. You can also change the time it takes for the box to appear, the text and background colours and the position of the box.

Including Social Leads on your posts

When you post Juniper Networks content using Juniper Networks Social On Demand, if Social Leads is available for the post then you will be able to select whether or not you want to include it by ticking or un-ticking the small box (it will be ticked by default).

Wait for the leads!

Once you have reposted your social media news (and assuming the solution is 'active'), the pop-up will appear on the web page/ document that has been hyperlinked from the post and clicked by one of your connections.

Receive Email

Once a contact has completed and submitted the lead form, you will receive the lead details by email (at the address of your choice).

Gated/Restricted Content

When your followers click on the post short url, they will see a teaser document first and will be asked to complete a contact form. Upon submitting this form, they will be able to download and read the full document. You will receive your follower’s contact details by email and can follow-up with them. You can also check these details in the Social Leads tab.

Receive Leads

Once a contact has completed and submitted the lead form, you will receive the lead details by email (at the address of your choice). You will also be able to see all your leads on the Juniper Networks Social On Demand portal. You will be able to add notes and update the status of the lead.

Simply contact us for more information! We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

To read the full Juniper Networks Social On Demand Terms and Conditions, please click here.